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Cartan Trade launches UK operations, opens London office and recruits Matthew Wells, as head of UK & Ireland   

“UK is a very competitive market, but we are confident we can bring a new strong added-value offer, able to protect the top line of small companies in a time where treasury is key. We just hired a key professional, Matthew Wells, who used to work for this market and had the network with brokers to leverage our presence in our new offices in London and Manchester.”, shared Eric Lenoir, CEO, Cartan Trade.

“I am happy to take part of this new adventure in the credit insurance sector. All of the Cartan Trade team are excellent credit insurance professionals, therefore we know the level of quality
required but also what can be done to make credit insurance more accessible, more bespoke, easier to use. With so much expertise in the specialist UK broking market, the potential to grow the Cartan Trade portfolio and propose an innovative, digital and disruptive offer having customer experience at the top of our priorities. A challenge I welcome greatly. “, said Matthew Wells, Head of UK & Ireland.

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Note to editors:
Trade credit insurance provides assurance for business owners to trade with existing customers, acquire new customers and expand to new market while ensuring payment of their trade receivables.

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