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Unlock 360 —

Unlock your potential

Cartan Trade supports you to release your commercial energy with a tailor-made contract. We are committed to support your growth while reducing uncertainty.

Why take out credit insurance ?

Credit insurance protects your company against non-payment of your invoices, whether because of payment delay or a bankruptcy of your clients, in all markets, domestically and abroad. Our Unlock 360 policy covers your transactions.

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Features of UNLOCK 360

We will analyse the financial situation of your customers and prospects

We will build with you the recovery journey and carry out action to collect your unpaid debts

We will monitor their ability to pay you and warn you in case of a deterioration

We will indemnify your losses (non-recovered debts)

The advantages of this contract

A contract built together
We compile and adjust your policy together with you to precisely meet all your needs.

Upon request, you can take out non-cancellable cover to protect you for the duration of your contract.

A clear commitment
Our contracts are written in a simple and readable way. We clearly express the extent of our cover in an accessible policy, in which the price is adjusted according to your requests and the cover chosen.

Accessibility and responsiveness
To manage your business, we provide you with a digital platform. This platform allows you to manageyour credit limits on a daily basis and to adjust the amount of your cover according to your needs.

Who is unlock 360 for ?
◆  You want to prevent risks related to your activities ?

  You want to develop your business domestically and abroad ?

  Will unpaid invoices weaken your business ?

  Do you want to structure your commercial activities ?

  Are you looking for a reliable solution and a partner who listens to you ?

Unlock 360 is the ideal solution for all companies who wish to protect their activities. Regardless of your turnover, size of your company, your geographical footprint or your needs, we support you in a personalized way and over the long term.

Why choose Cartan Trade ? —


◆ A partner you can trust, which understands the reality of trading companies.

◆ A specialist able to adapt to the way you work and offer tailor-made solution.

◆ An experienced team, at your service and on your side.

◆  Strong financials with high-quality signature (A+ rating).

◆ Easy to use digital platform, for a close follow up of your credit limits and more autonomy.

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