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Unlock Plus —

Increase your coverage

Cartan Trade will support you to optimize your commercial potential in complete safety, with tailormade solutions for your key accounts. We are a committed partner facilitating your growth by reducing uncertainty.

Why subscribe to unlock multi ?

Unlock Multi is a bespoke credit insurance solution offering protection for your commercial and political risks of your strategic customers.

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Features of Unlock Plus

You identify a list of customers where you have shortfalls in your existing credit limits

Each credit limit request is analyzed by our risk team, with possible cover on your existing nil decisions

In the event of non payment from one of your customers, your primary insurer will manage the recovery of your debts

We will indemnify your losses (covered but not recovered) up to your additional level of top up cover

The benefits of this policy

Certainty of cover
Our analysts review every request for cover. In the event of termination of your primary insurer we will mirror their decision to ensure your risks are managed.

A clear commitment
Our wordings are easy to follow and clearly show what is covered in your policy and how the coverage determines the premium level you pay.

Simplified administration
We aim to apply the same contractual deadlines as in your primary contract, making it easier to use your contract.
In the event of unpaid bills, your primary insurer is responsible for collection. This meansthat you can continue to deal with your usual contacts.

Accessibility and responsiveness
We provide you a digital platform to manage your exposures on a daily basis where you will be updated on any changes in the financial health of your key customers.

  Are you currently credit insured but have shortfalls in your coverage ?

  Do you need increases in your credit limits, either on a permanent basis or for a temporary period ?

  Do you wish to optimise you trade receivable coverage and prudently increase your sales ?

  Are you looking for consistency of coverage and a partner who listens to you ?


Regardless of your turnover, size of your business or your geographical footprint, Unlock Plus expands the customer coverage.

With Unlock Plus, unlock your potential and stay focused on developing your business !


Why choose Cartan Trade ? —

◆ A partner you can trust, which understands the reality of trading companies.

◆ A specialist able to adapt to the way you work and offer tailor-made solution.

◆ An experienced team, at your service and on your side.

◆  Strong financials with high-quality signature (A+ rating).

◆ Easy to use digital platform, for a close follow up of your credit limits and more autonomy.

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